Since launching in 2012, Podium Publishing has become widely recognized as the preeminent source of bestselling award-winning indie content in audio. After exploding onto the publishing scene with the discovery of the massive cult and pop hit, The Martian, Podium’s Publisher, Greg Lawrence, followed that early success with a steady stream of mega-hits.

Not least among these was Craig Alanson’s epic sci-fi series romp, Expeditionary Force. With the first 3 installments of the series releasing in 2016, the epic and irreverent adventures of the everyman, Joe Bishop, and the intolerable arrogance and wit of Skippy the AI, proved to be a classic overnight success.

As with The Martian, Lawrence saw the audio format as the perfect medium for all the awesomeness that Alanson’s ExForce series had to offer. A partnership was struck, and Podium applied the mad stylings of the great R.C. Bray to give voice to these newfound heroes. Overnight success turned into a modern cult classic!

So when the opportunity arose for Podium to expand into the realm of audio drama, ExForce was an easy choice. Over the first half of 2018, Alanson worked with Podium and Dagaz Media to create the story, to write the script, and to plot the supporting casting for Homefront, with production following in the latter half of the year.


Homefront is a full-cast, fully dramatized performance of a thrilling new episode in the New York Times bestselling Expeditionary Force series.

After the latest mission of the starship Flying Dutchman, Earth is safe not just for a year, but for hundreds of years. The ship’s weary crew wonders what they will do with their lives in peacetime, but the enemy has other plans, and there is danger on the homefront.

Starring Zachary Quinto, R.C. Bray, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, and everyone’s favorite AI, Skippy the Magnificent, alongside a full cast. Packed full of “pew-pew-pew,” original music composition, and schmaybe even some operatic singing by everyone’s favorite beer can.

This stand-alone story is a must-listen for hardcore fans and uninitiated monkeys alike.